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MacLellan Bagpipe Ferrules


Bronze,  or Aluminum Regal


St. Andrew's Cross

BS-SA, $850-00

Celtic Hearts

BS-CH, $850-00


BS-F, $850-00


   Bronze with heavy cast Sterling silver decoration.

Claddagh Ring

BC-CL, $1350-00

Sea Dragon

BC-SD, $1350-00

Silver Cross

BC-CC, $1350-00

Chieftan's Shield

BC-CS, $1350-00

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Police Dept. or Fire Dept.




Tuning Slides


Plain Bronze $150-00
Plain Aluminum $95-00
Plain Sterling silver $500-00
Engraved Aluminum $150-00
Engraved Bronze $230-00
Engraved Sterling Silver $650-00


All of these ferrules are made of alloy 230 Bronze. This material has a rich reddish color, not to be confused with the yellow color of regular brass. All of our  ferrules are threaded onto the wood for a secure and lasting fit.

Sterling silver decorative bands or cast designs are silver soldered by hand for each set.

Polished Aluminum.

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Full Aluminum, ferrules, caps, tuning pins and projecting mounts.

Add $600-00

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Aluminum  ferrules, caps and tuning pins.

Add $300-00


Hello Roddy,

After careful consideration and scrutinization of all the different bagpipes and makers, your pipes are uniquely beautiful and stand alone. While I am by no means an expert on bagpipe sound, I have found nothing less than exceptional reviews to the quality of sound from your pipes. A lot of people wonder why we would want to go with a less known name shall we say and such a more expensive first set for our son?, why not go with one of the bigger name makers? My answer is clear. Your personal attention to my e-mails and quick responses put me at ease right off the bat. It is a bit awkward not knowing much about them and you had no problem answering any of my questions no matter how big or small so thank you for that. I also feel strongly that you take great pride in making each of your pipes and are truly a skilled craftsman. We are confident you will craft a beautiful sounding set for Marshall. We know he will take great pride in playing them and great care of them. Our hopes are for him to grow along with his pipes and one day pass them along.

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